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Small Joys with Hanif Abdurraqib

Small Joys is a series of conversations between best-selling writer and Columbus-native Hanif Abdurraqib and creative people of all stripes about what keeps them going.

In each episode, Hanif talks with artists and writers about what fuels the creative process and discusses the little pleasures that help sustain us in our daily lives.

Funding for Small Joys with Hanif Abdurraqib is provided by The Columbus Foundation and the and the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

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Latest Episodes
  • Raeghan Buchanan is artist and writer whose debut comic book, The Secret History of Black Punk: Record Zero, celebrates overlooked figures in music history. At a live WOSU event, Raeghan and Hanif talked about the history of punk, how they discover new music and why getting ice cream near a cemetery is not the best first date idea.
  • Chef Avishar Barua talks to Hanif about creating a welcoming restaurant experience, expanding the definition of barbeque, and favorite things to order at Taco Bell.
  • Opera singer Lawrence Brownlee talks with Hanif about the similarities between tennis and singing, commissioning work from Black composers, and finding time for family as a touring musician.
  • Artist April Sunami talks with Hanif about how different regions of the world have their own palette, watching the 1977 miniseries "Roots" and the joy of cleaning.
  • Novelist Stephen Markley talks with Hanif about injecting humor into tragic stories, writing for TV and being a diehard Cleveland Cavaliers fan.
  • Hip-hop producer, DJ, and college professor J Rawls talks with Hanif about digging in the crates, looking for new sounds, and bringing turntables into the classroom.
  • Singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless talks with Hanif about leaning into awkwardness, the perks of living alone, trying stand-up comedy, and writing while heartbroken.
  • Artist Richard 'Duarte' Brown talks with Hanif about why you don't have to move to New York to be an artist, making art with the everyday things all around you and his journey as an art educator.
  • Author Jasmine Warga talks with Hanif about Cincinnati chili, ice cream, processing grief, being a Muslim in America after 9/11, Bengals fandom, the National, and getting a very special phone call at 4:30 a.m.
  • We’re bringing you more conversations with creative people about how they work and what keeps them going. In season 2, we’ll talk with an author, an opera singer, a hip-hop producer, a painter, a chef, and much more.