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Avishar Barua

 Chef Avishar Barua poses with his mother
photo: Nicholas Dekker
logo: WOSU
Chef Avishar Barua (left) and his mother, the namesake of his restaurant Joya's Cafe.

Avishar Barua is a chef and restaurant owner who grew up in Central Ohio.

He originally planned on becoming a doctor but his love of cooking drew him into professional kitchens.

After honing his culinary skills at restaurants locally and in New York City, he landed a position as executive chef and general manager of Service Bar in Columbus.

That’s where TV producers took notice and invited him to apply for a spot on the cooking competition show Top Chef.

He appeared on the show, and though he wasn't victorious, he’s seen enormous success back here at home.

In the past year, he’s opened two restaurants: Joya’s Cafe and Agni.

Avishar and Hanif talk about creating a welcoming restaurant experience, expanding the definition of barbeque, and favorite things to order at Taco Bell.