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Step off the conventional career path and follow the next generation of workers as they find well-paying jobs that they enjoy.

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  • This episode looks directly at the jobs out there, following-up with some of the young folks we profiled in Season 1, to see where they are – a year later.
  • Follow a student as she enrolls in a 14 week coding bootcamp and finds a learning environment she can excel in and the passion for software development she didn’t know she had.
  • Some people just don’t like school, and one of those people is Mac Connor. Finding the motivation to finish high school was a challenge for Mac until he found Fort Hayes Career Center. The school’s automotive technology program fostered Mac’s love of cars and gave him a path towards graduation.
  • When you ask young people what they want to be when they grow up, a career in insurance is probably not at the top of the list. Sierra Roberts a unique opportunity to find satisfying work, and stay close to the small hometown she loves through the insurance industry.
  • Billan Gurreh knew she wanted to get a head start on a career, but felt nervous to leave her friends and the familiar surroundings of her high school.When she learned about a dental hygienist training program, Billan decided to take a chance and start her junior year at a different school, C-TEC Licking County.
  • As a fourth-generation farmer, Chris Dible has spent his entire life surrounded by agriculture - tending to the land is in his blood. Follow Chris as he explores the many career opportunities in agriculture.
  • A new season of Rivet is coming October 1 that will help you learn how to make what you love doing into your career – through pathways outside of a four-year degree.
  • To break from a cycle of violence, Miguel Tucker needed to find a way to make money the legal way. Follow along as he knocks on the door of Impact Community Action, an organization that helps put people to work in the building trades.
  • This week, we take a quick reprieve from our conventional podcast format and enter the break room. Join producer Michael De Bonis and me as we explain how Rivet connects workers to jobs.
  • After dislocating his shoulder during a shift at FedEx, Danavan McIntosh decided he wanted a job that engaged his mind, instead of taxing his body.
  • An iPhone sits on a notebook next to a laptop computer.
    David Schwarzenberg
    WOSU Public Media has collated a list of resources to help job seekers during this difficult time. These community organizations are continuing to offer programming and training – as well as additional resources in this time.
  • This week, we’ll be swapping our traditional “web extra” structure for a moment of brief reflection, as I tell you lovely people about my experience working on Rivet.
  • Women are often discouraged from pursuing STEM fields from a young age, and as such, many of these careers remain male-dominated. There are several programs are cropping up to mend the gender gap in computer science careers.
  • The path to a high school diploma isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Many students follow the traditional routes—state testing, ACT & SAT—but are unaware of a third, lesser-known option. Take a step off the beaten path with us as we explore industry-recognized credentials and discover how they can earn you a high school diploma and more.
  • Although they have a few things in common, internships and apprenticeships are vastly different from one another—and they’re often confused. Both provide hands-on experience and a taste of professionalism, but that’s about where the similarities end.
  • Though career technical schools come with dozens of benefits, many students struggle to adjust to the transition. We talked to C-TEC’s Career Development Coordinator Alyssa Johnston for a few tips on making the switch to a career technical school.
  • Follow Billan Gurreh as she navigates the difficulties that come with switching schools and gains the skills to work in a burgeoning healthcare field.
  • As a fourth-generation farmer, Chris Dible has spent his entire life surrounded by agriculture. Tending to the land is in his blood. Follow Chris as he discovers a passion for science with the help of a special teacher and learns about the many career opportunities in agriculture, Ohio’s largest industry.
  • YouthBuild Columbus is a dropout recovery high school serving students who wish to obtain their high school diploma while earning certification in construction, nursing, manufacturing and office tech.Find out how students have connected with a Stambaugh-Elwood resident as the renovation of his home continues to unfold.
  • Follow along as Miguel Tucker knocks on the door of Impact Community Action, an organization that helps put people to work in the building trades.
  • Danavan McIntosh describes his experience going through the CompTIA A+ Program at Goodwill Columbus. This free program trains individuals to earn the most basic degree in the IT field – the CompTIA A+ certificate.
  • The Boys and Girls Club Columbus’s Summer Work Program teaches the importance of work and acquaints participants with interpersonal skills you learn on-the-job. These three students share the lessons they learned during this past 2018 Summer Work Program.
  • Erica Miller works as a Technician at Stanley Electric, a factory that makes headlights and tail lights for car companies like Honda North America. In this video, Erica explains why solving problems – or troubleshooting – is her favorite part of this job.