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Curious Cbus

You've got questions. We've got reporters. Let's find answers together.

That's the idea behind Curious Cbus. You submit your burning questions about our region and we’ll work on getting answers, together, through the resources of 89.7 NPR News, WOSU TV, and the WOSU Digital Media teams.

So what are you curious about? Submit your question, vote on what we should investigate next, and see what we've dug up so far.

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Curious Cbus FAQ

How does WOSU collect questions?

We collect questions through our website and connected online modules. If you are having trouble submitting a question, you can email webmaster@wosu.org.

Are there questions WOSU won’t accept?

All questions asked are properly considered and are eligible for a voting round, unless it does not meet WOSU Public Media’s guidelines for decorum, fairness or obvious conflicts of interest. We do not accept questions about WOSU Public Media or its staff, and we don’t pose our own questions.

How does WOSU pick the questions for voting rounds?

WOSU Public Media editors and producers choose questions that have potential to be answered by 89.7 NPR News, WOSU TV or WOSU Digital Media. There is no guarantee that a question submitted will get moved to a voting round and be answered by WOSU Public Media.

What happens if my question is in a voting round?

Voting rounds typically stay open for a week or two. We want to give as many people as possible a chance to choose the next question that will be answered. If your question is chosen for a voting round, we’ll contact you so that you can let your friends, family and social networks know to vote for your question!

After a question wins a voting round, the Curious Cbus staff will start assigning reporters and/or producers to the story. The reporters and/or producers will be in touch with you to gauge your interest and potential involvement in the story.

What happens if my question is in a voting round and doesn’t win? Will it still get answered?

Just because a question loses in a voting round, does not mean we’ll simply forget about it. It could be eligible for another voting round soon! Producers and editors at Curious Cbus will frequently go through older questions and look for reasons to investigate.

Often, a question could be so good, or timely, that it doesn't need a voting round to investigate.

Why do you change the wording of some questions when they enter a voting round?

Curious Cbus staff reserve the right to edit some of the questions for language, clarity and brevity.

Now let’s get curious about Columbus!