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Kroger Closes Columbus Bakery, Lays Off 411 Workers


Kroger announced Monday that it’s closing its Columbus Bakery facility effective immediately, laying off more than 400 employees.
“After evaluation of the equipment and layout of the plant, it became clear that the outdated layout and age of the equipment were no longer sustainable for us to remain competitive,” reads an emailed statement.

Kroger says production at the Cleveland Avenue bakery will cease immediately and the process of decommissioning its operations is expected to take up to 90 days.

Company spokesperson Ken McClure says the decision to close the Columbus bakery will not affect what products are available on store shelves. McClure says items previously baked in Columbus will be made in other Kroger bakeries around the country, or made by third-party sources and sold by Kroger.

Kroger says as part of their collective bargaining agreements, all affected workers will get their normal paychecks for 60 days, then receive severance based on years of service.