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Columbus' LeVeque Tower Shines Anew After Renovation

The interior of Columbus’ iconic skyscraper, the LeVeque Tower, is getting another makeover.  When renovations to the 90-year-old structure are complete in about a month, LeVeque Tower will feature a boutique hotel, apartments and condos and commercial office space. 

"It's special to the city of Columbus, and there are so many people who have stories and ties to this building," says Michael Shannon, sales and marketing manager for LeVeque Tower. "And I think that's the legacy that we want to continue, is we want to respect and appreciate the history but it's really just a rebirth." 

The tower was completed in 1927 by the American Insurance Union, and at the time was the tallest building between New York City and Chicago. It was designed to be slightly higher than the Washington Monument.

"I think the whole purpose of it is to just bring it back to life," Shannon says. "I think people are looking at this as like a revitalization of an iconic building with three crucial components to make it successful."

The boutique hotel, with 150 guest rooms and suites, will be the focal point of the tower. Its theme, "a starry sky," will be reflected in elements from the lobby to guest rooms on floors 5-10.

LeVeque Tower may be somewhat eclipsed by the present day skyscrapers that surround it, but its elegance - both inside and out - endure.