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LeVeque Tower: Iconic Landmark of Columbus


The LeVeque Tower was the 5th largest building in the world when it was constructed in the early 1920's and remains Columbus' most iconic landmark to this day. This landmark building is making headlines lately due to a new documentary and possible renovations. On this hour of "All Sides," we'll cover the history and future of the LeVeque Tower.


  • Seth Moherman (Columbus filmmaker, "The Citadel: Birth of the LeVeque Tower")
  • Robert Loversidge (Columbus architect and historic preservation expert)
  • Ed Lentz (local historian)


There is a Screening of “Citadel: Birth of the LeVeque Towerâ€? at 7:30 pm. on Weds., Nov. 9 at the Drexel Theatre. Also, join the post-screening discussion with Columbus filmmaker Seth Moherman and Columbus Architect Robert D. Loversidge Jr. for more information, go to drexel.net or call 614-231-1050.