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The final countdown to election day for Ohio's abortion question

Signs for and against a proposed constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights in Ohio.
Julie Carr Smyth
Signs for and against a proposed constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights in Ohio stand in front of the Greene County Board of Elections in Xenia, Ohio, Oct. 11, 2023. Abortion rights supporters have raised nearly twice as much money as anti-abortion groups in the fall campaign related to a constitutional amendment that would ensure abortion access in Ohio. Much of the money comes from national groups or wealthy donors outside the state.

This is it, the final weekend before Ohio’s crucial Nov. 7 election day where voters will decide on two controversial issues.

Issue One would enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution, while Issue Two would legalize recreational marijuana for all adults in Ohio.

Issue 1 is getting the most attention. It's the only abortion-related ballot question in the country this year. The eyes of the nation are on Ohio, and lessons learned here will influence votes in other states around the country.

The big question is what happens if Issue One passes and what if it fails. We discuss the scenarios with Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler.

Introducing The Power Grab
As Larry Householder enjoys life in federal prison, the saga created by the former Ohio House Speaker is still out there, and the investigation continues into Ohio’s largest bribery scandal.

Next week, a new WOSU podcast chronicling the scandal will premiere. It's called The Power Grab.

Over the course of six episodes, we'll take a tour of Ohio's backroom dealings and listen in on clandestine FBI recordings of schemes to wrangle power for corporate and personal profits in the nuclear bailout bribery scandal.

It’s a deep dive into the $61 million scandal, and we get to hear from the players themselves - thanks to secret FBI recordings and wiretaps.

WOSU reporter Renee Fox hosts the podcast and joins us to preview it.

Look for The Power Grab in your favorite podcast app or here in the Snollygoster feed. The first episode drops Monday, November 6, and we’ll publish a new episode each Monday.

Snollygoster Of The Week
Four years ago, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed, with a decent amount of fanfare, the so-called heartbeat bill into law. The law banned abortion in Ohio at about six weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest. He was unapologetic in his support of the law.

Now a week before the vote on Issue 1, with polls showing nearly 60% support for the Roe standard of abortion rights, the governor said he’s evolved. He’s done a number of interviews where he said the "heartbeat law" goes too far and there should be an exception for rape and incest.  

Evolution on this position or not, it's pretty shrewd to make it very known the week before an election. For that, DeWine gets our Snollygoster of the Week award.

If you have a suggestion for our "Snollygoster of the Week" award, a question or a comment, send them to snollygoster@wosu.org.

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