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Introducing The Power Grab

The Power Grab - red with handshake and the Ohio Statehouse - WOSU Public Media and the NPR Network

There’s the politics we see, the ads, the speeches, and the media spin, and there’s the political moves that happen behind closed doors.

Starting Monday, November 6, WOSU's original podcast The Power Grab will take a tour of Ohio’s backrooms and listen in on clandestine FBI recordings of schemes by Larry Householder and FirstEnergy to wrangle power for corporate and personal profits.

Over six episodes, we’ll explore the investigation that revealed shocking indictments, an admission of $61 million bribery from a Fortune 500 company, plea deals, resignations, a suicide, a federal trial and a 20-year prison sentence.

We’ll hear from the marks as they plot to bail out two nuclear power plants owned by one of the state’s largest electricity providers and the FBI agents spinning their undercover tales.

Dark money is the norm in Ohio politics. But this time, the players ventured a little too close to the edge.

Listen to The Power Grab starting Monday, Nov. 6 on your favorite podcast app.

Renee Fox is a reporter for 89.7 NPR News.