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Minor League Baseball Players Sue MLB Over Wages


Minor league baseball players are unhappy with their pay, the NFL s drug testing policy could look a little different in the near future and another coach is fired in Cleveland.

Minor League Pay

A former Columbus Clipper joins a lawsuit against Major League Baseball. The average major league baseball player makes about $3.3 million a year. That could pay the salaries of about 30 minor league baseball players. That's why a group of current and former minor leaguers, including former Columbus Clipper Matt Lawson, are suing Major League Baseball, commissioner Bud Selig, and several major league clubs, who pay the players on their minor league affiliates.

We talked to Michael McCann, a writer for Sports Illustrated, who has written about the issue.

NFL Drug Testing Policy (7:50)

As the city of Cleveland was celebrating the drafting of Johnny Manziel, ESPN reported all-pro receiver Josh Gordon faces a one year suspension for a third failed drug test.

That got Steve and Thomas thinking about the NFL's drug testing policy and how it works, so they called Michael Schottey, the lead NFL writer at Bleacher Report. Schottey called the league’s drug testing policy “more of an intelligence test.”

More fired coaches in Cleveland (16:40)

Earlier this year Steve and Thomas poked fun at the Browns firing head coach Rod Chudzinski after just one year and replacing him with Mike Pettine. Well, another Cleveland team has fired its head coach for a second time. Mike Brown helped push LeBron James out the door, allegedly, then was brought back to replace Byron Scott. Now Brown is out again.

Who could be next for the Cavaliers? A couple of names come to mind. Steve and Thomas discuss.

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