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Police release video of Columbus triple homicide

From left to right Demetrius Wall'Neal, 9-years-old, Londynn Wall'Neal, 5-years old, and Charles Wade were killed as a part of a shooting on December 7, 2021 on Kodak Drive near Canal Winchester.
Central Ohio Crime Stoppers
Demetrius Wall'Neal, 9-years-old, (pictured from left to right) Londynn Wall'Neal, 5-years old, and Charles Wade were killed as a part of a shooting on December 7, 2021 on Kodak Drive near Canal Winchester.

Columbus Police and Crimestoppers held a press conference Thursday with the family members of the three people, including two children, who were shot and killed last December. During the press conference, Columbus Police released the first video of the shooting.

Detective Terry Kelley, the lead investigator on the homicide unit who is overseeing the case, said the intention of releasing the video is to drive people who might know something to say something.

Kelley said he currently has several motives and theories for the shooting and has received a lot of tips, but no one with direct knowledge of the situation has come forward. Kelley believes there are people other than the two shooters and get-away driver who have information that can lead to a conviction.

"I want you to see what you're hiding, I want you to see the people you are trying to protect because they are monsters," said Kelley.

Police said officers responded around 6:16 p.m. on December 7, 2021, after reports of shots fired at an apartment complex on Kodiak Drive, near Canal Winchester. Columbus Police officers found all three people killed, Charles Wade, 22, Demitrius Wall'neal, 9, Londynn Wall'neal, 6, inside the car.

Police said they are looking for a 2010-12 black Nissan Altima and a 2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee with dark tinted windows. Both vehicles are thought to be involved in the shooting.

The newly released video shows Charles, Demitrius, and Londynn getting inside the vehicle, two suspects approaching the car and releasing what Detective Kelley said were two full magazines into the car. Detective Kelley said while he is not sure if the children were the intended targets, the shooters definitely saw the children before opening fire.

"If someone can look at that and not come forward, that amazes me," said Kelley. The detective said the video shows that this was a planned attack and that the shooters purposely waited for all three people to get into the car so they would have the advantage.

Detective Kelley said he wants to bring the community to understand that snitching or breaking street code is worth it in order to bring justice to the victim's family.

Brittany, the mother of Demitrius and Londynn spoke on her children during the press conference, calling them both bright, smart, and full of potential. She also spoke of Charles, the children's father and her boyfriend, saying, "Charles was a great person. He was so sweet, kind, and helpful. He'd give you the shirt off his back."

The police and the victim's family ask that anyone with information on the shooting call Crimestoppers. Crimestoppers is offering money for tips that lead to a conviction. People can also call and donate additional money for the reward being offered by Crimestoppers. People can submit tips online, or call Crimestoppers at 614-645-4749.