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Franklin County Deputy Who Shot And Killed Casey Goodson Jr. To Leave On Disability Retirement

Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Meade
Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Meade

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office announced Friday that Jason Meade, the deputy who shot and killed Casey Goodson Jr., last December will be leaving on disability retirement.

According to a statement by Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin, Meade will be leaving on July 2. It mentions that law enforcement disability decisions are made by state law and by the pension system.

"As sheriff, I have no control or input over what the pension system decides with this or any disability case," Baldwin wrote.

Meade shot Goodson five times in the back on December 4 while Goodson, who was Black near his home although the circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear.

According to the U.S. Marshal, Meade was part of a task force carrying out an unsuccessful search for a suspect in the Northland area of Columbus when deputies encountered Goodson, who was reportedly "driving down the street waving a gun." Meade followed Goodson and confronted him at his home.

There is no footage of the shooting, because Meade, like other sheriff's deputies, was not equipped with a body camera. A lawyer for Meade claims that Goodson pointed a gun at the deputy during their encounter, and police say they recovered a gun from Goodson's body after he died.

Goodson's family disputes both allegations, contending that he was carrying a bag of sandwiches while entering his home. Family members also say they did not see a gun in Goodson's hand or near his body.

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