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Three People Injured, 180 Hogs Killed In Fire At Fayette County Farm

Brian Johnson and Dane Brian

The Fayette County Sheriff says a barn fire near Washington Courthouse on Tuesday was unrelated to a massive blaze at the same farm last year.

It's been nearly a year since a massive fire at Straathof Swine Farm destroyed two barns and killed about 5,000 hogs. Crews have been working to rebuild both barns, and Fayette County Sheriff Vernon Stanforth says three construction workers were injured Tuesday when some type of explosion likely ignited one of the buildings.

“We know that there was a gas furnace, water heaters, so forth that had been activated earlier that day for the first time, so that’s what we’re looking at now to see if that could’ve been the problem," Stanforth said.

The latest fire killed about 180 hogs that had been delivered the day before. The injured workers suffered severe burns, among other injuries, and were transferred to the Wexner Medical Center for treatment.

The metal and wooden structure, which was almost completed, insulated and fueled the blaze, leaving the barn destroyed.

Stanforth says to his knowledge the farm’s owner was working to follow regulations during construction.