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New Abortion Clinic Opens On Columbus' North Side


With President Trump's choice Supreme Court renewing debate over "Roe v. Wade," a new abortion clinic opened its doors in Columbus on Monday.

Your Choice Healthcare volunteer Michelle Davis says the clinic split from Founder's Women's Health Center on the east side and moved to its current location on Karl Road.

"This is a newer, more updated medical facility," Davis says. "It was a great space and a great opportunity."

The clinic was greeted by a group of protestors, who stood on Karl Road a short distance away from the building. Mark Harrington, president of anti-abortion group Created Equal, says they wanted the neighborhood to be aware the clinic existed and was located next to a daycare center.

Harrington says group members went into the surrounding area and spoke to residents and local businesses about the opening of the clinic.

"I mean [their reactions were] mixed, but we got plenty of people who are really upset, some of them out here today," Harrington says. "The idea is just to raise awareness in the community and let people know that this moved in."

But Davis says she's not sure of how many protesters were actually local.

"None of these people are from the neighborhood," Davis says. "They're all protesters, paid or unpaid."

Your Choice Healthcare on Karl Road does not offer surgical abortions, but does offer oral medication to induce abortions up to 9 weeks and 6 days. It also offers pelvic exams, birth control, IUDs and more.

Michael Lee joined WOSU in 2021, but was previously an intern at the station in 2018. He is a graduate from Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism where he obtained his master's degree, and an alumnus of Ohio State University. Michael has previously worked as an intern at the Columbus Dispatch and most recently, the Chicago Sun-Times.