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'Need To Impeach' Town Hall Campaign Launching In Columbus

Tom Steyer, speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Green forum in 2013.

A billionaire activist’s campaign to impeach President Trump will host its first town hall meeting right here in Columbus.

Hedge fund manager and environmental activist Tom Steyer will host the first of 30 town halls on March 15 in Columbus. An exact location for the event has not been announced.

Steyer’s “Need to Impeach” campaign has already been running TV commercials around the country.

“Donald Trump’s failure to respond to Russia’s attacks on the 2016 election is a betrayal of his oath of office that leaves the country, and everyone living in it, in jeopardy,” Steyer wrote in a statement on his group’s Facebook page.

“”(Trump’s) presence in the White House is an active threat to our democracy and to every person living in America,” the statement says.

A similar event is scheduled in Cincinnati on March 16.

Steyer, a top Democratic donor, says more than 5 million people have joined his online campaign since it started last October.

“If Tom Steyer, the king of dark money, thinks Ohioans will take his calls to impeach President Trump and kill our energy industry seriously, he has another thing coming," said Ohio GOP spokesperson Blaine Kelly. "In Ohio, we support our President and we see our natural resources as assets, not liabilities."

Steyer has for years used his activism to combat climate change. In 2008, Steyer and his wife Kathryn Ann Taylor donated $41 million to create the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy at Stanford University. It works to further the development of affordable renewable energy and promotes public policy to make renewable forms of energy more accessible.