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Strictest Anti-Abortion Bill In the Nation Reappears in the Ohio Statehouse

Abortion vigil at Ohio Statehouse
Ohio Public Radio
Ohio's Heartbeat Bill has been a hot topic with state lawmakers since 2015.

A controversial abortion bill that Gov. Kasich vetoed at the end of last year has been reintroduced in the Ohio Legislature.

The Heartbeat Bill, which would ban abortions at the point a fetal heartbeat can be detected, has been a controversial staple in the Legislature for years. 

Late last year, lawmakers narrowly passed the bill, saying the election of Donald Trump would mean appointment of conservative Supreme Court justices who would uphold it. Still, Gov. Kasich vetoed it.

Now the bill has been reintroduced. There’s no indication Gov. Kasich has changed his mind on the bill.

Some legislators who oppose abortion also opposed the Heartbeat Bill, saying it was unconstitutional. Ohio Right to Life did not back the bill, citing concerns over its constitutionality. The bill could ban abortions as early as six weeks, before many women know they're pregnant.