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W.V. Authorities Looking For Connections To Missing Women From Chillicothe

Charleston, WV Police Dept.
Neal Falls, 45, was shot and killed on July 18. Police say he was killed by a sex worker who he was attacking.

West Virginia police say they are sharing information with authorities investigating suspicious deaths and missing women in southern Ohio. The development comes after a Charleston woman fatally shot Neal Falls, who she says was attacking her in her home.

The chief of detectives in Charleston tells The Associated Press that no direct link has been established between a man killed by a woman he attacked there this month and the cases in Chillicothe. But Lt. Steve Cooper says the possibility is being looked into because women were the victims in both places and because of geographic proximity - less than a two-hour drive from Charleston.

Police say at the time of his death, Falls had a list of potential victims in his pocket, and his car contained axes, knives, bleach, trash bags, bulletproof vests, and handcuffs.

Cooper had said earlier that police are also investigating whether 45-year-old Neal Falls has links to several unsolved murders in Las Vegas.

Four women have died in Chillicothe under suspicious circumstances and two others remain missing. Messages were left Sunday for Chillicothe investigators.