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Start Hear: K-Pop, 19th Century Autopsies and Big City Ticks

This week on Start Hear:

  • The Inquiry: The Inquiry gets beyond the headlines to explore the trends, forces and ideas shaping the world.
  • The Nocturnists: A live show and podcast where health professionals tell stories from the world of medicine.
  • The 90-Second Naturalist: A daily glimpse into the natural world from Thane Maynard, President of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.

And we look at the some of the titles making themselves known on itunescharts.net.

  • This Land: This podcast traces how a cut and dry homicide opened up an investigation into the treaty rights of five Native American tribes.

You can find these and other great podcast titles at wvxu.org/podcastcentral.

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Join Tripp Eldredge as he explores the world of podcasts on Start Hear.