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And Ohioans' Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor Is…

Candystore.com's list of the nation's favorite jelly bean flavors.
Candystore.com's list of the nation's favorite jelly bean flavors.

An online candy store has released an interactive map of the top jelly beans flavors by state, and as it turns out, the same is true in jelly beans as it is in politics: As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

By looking at more than 10 years of sales data and surveying over 12,000 customers, CandyStore.com determined that Ohio’s favorite flavor is buttered popcorn. Buttered popcorn also happens to be America’s favorite flavor overall.

The same was true last year. Black licorice won Ohio and the nation in Candy Store’s 2017 survey.

As for Ohio’s Tri-State neighbors, Kentuckians can’t get enough black licorice (currently No. 2 in America), while those in Indiana picked blueberry (no. 13 overall).

Elsewhere, the map shows a few surprises. Orange, for example, is the favorite flavor of Idaho, not Florida. Residents of Massachusetts—about as far from the tropics an American can get—covet coconut.

Hover your computer’s mouse over the map to see the beans beloved by other states across the nation. (Please note the map will not work on a mobile device.)Loading...

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