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ACLU of Ohio Continues Pushing for More Ballot Drop Boxes

The ACLU of Ohio says it’s going to continue to push for additional drop boxes in each county despite a decision late last week by Ohio Sec. of State Frank LaRose.

LaRose reissued an order limiting counties to one drop box for the upcoming May primary, saying any change had to be made by the state legislature.

Collin Marozzi is a policy strategist with the ACLU of Ohio. He points to state and federal court decisions affirming LaRose’s power to authorize more drop boxes. Marozzi also doubts the legislature will take action.

“But the Ohio General Assembly really has no interest and no appetite for election reform that is pro voter, that is increasing access that makes it easier for voters to make their voices heard. And unfortunately, it’s exactly the opposite,” he said.

Marozzi believes this year’s mayoral election in Cleveland and Cincinnati provides a perfect opportunity to test run deploying more drop boxes.

Marozzi would not comment on whether the ACLU is considering more legal action.

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Abigail Bottar is a junior at Kent State University. She is pursuing a major in political science with a concentration in American politics and minors in history and women's studies. Additionally, Abigail is starting her second semester copy editing for The Burr.