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Ohio Legislative Caucus Works to Raise Awareness On Ohio's Trails

Chippewa Rail Trail
Chippewa Rail Trail

Ohio has a legislative caucus working to raise awareness of the state’s trails. 

The caucus, formed last year, is the only one in the U.S. dedicated to trails.  The group of lawmakers has been working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to create a website with an interactive guide to the thousands of miles of state trails.

Rep. Emilia Sykes, an Akron Democrat, is a member of the caucus. She says the group is working to preserve and market what Ohio has to offer well as to highlight urban trails people may not know about.

Sykes on membership

“So fortunately you will see from the membership, you see all of that. You see rural/urban, Democrat/Republican legislators because trails have an impact on all of our districts, and we would like to encourage use and let people know and highlight how wonderful they are,” Sykes said.

The caucus wants to use events to highlight Ohio’s trails. It also wants to use them as a way of promoting better public health.  

Note:  This story has been updated to correct a spelling error.

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