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10 Pieces of Music That Can Change Your Life: Joy Overload

the word "joy" in white letters against a bright blue sky
Jared Hansen/Creative Commons/Flickr
Get your joy fix with this installment of '10 Pieces of Music That Can Change Your Life.'

Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos – take your pick 

Bach composed six so-called Brandenburg Concertos, concerti grossi in an all-new style and dedicated to the margrave of Brandenburg in a fruitless effort to curry enough favor with him to get a job.

Just when you think you’ve found your favorite Brandenburg Concerto, you hear another one that’s even more joyous, or features more mind-blowing virtuosity or, frankly, just sounds cooler.

So here are some tips: you can jam out on your air violin, air trumpet or air flute with Brandenburg 2, you can crush your air harpsichord with Brandenburg 5, and for air cello you can’t beat Brandenburg 6. 

How this music can change your life: Joy overload.

Here’s the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra with Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2:


Jennifer Hambrick unites her extensive backgrounds in the arts and media and her deep roots in Columbus to bring inspiring music to central Ohio as Classical 101’s midday host. Jennifer performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Civic Orchestra of Chicago before earning a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.