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10 Pieces of Music That Can Change Your Life: Blinged-Out Joy

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Martin Fisch/Creative Commons/Flickr
Bling your joy out in this installment of '10 Pieces of Music That Can Change Your Life.'

Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 “Jupiter” – This symphony is what you might call high on life: no angst, no melodrama, no sharp edges, no pointy elbows. Just sheer, unadulterated, unmitigated, blinged-out joy. And doesn’t everyone need more of that?

How this music can change your life: I repeat, doesn’t everyone need more blinged-out joy?

Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducts the Concentus Musicus Vienna in Mozart’s “Jupiter” symphony:


Jennifer Hambrick unites her extensive backgrounds in the arts and media and her deep roots in Columbus to bring inspiring music to central Ohio as Classical 101’s midday host. Jennifer performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Civic Orchestra of Chicago before earning a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.