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Tech Tuesday: Dairy Farming Robots

Jeff Weese

Dairy farming in Ohio has gone high-tech. Robots are taking over milking duties on a number of dairy operations in Ohio. 

It’s a step to ensure survival for farmers dealing with fewer farmhands to do the twice-daily milking. 
With the technology, a cow enters the milking stall enticed with feed and that’s when the equipment takes over: brushes wash the udders and then cone-like devices cup the teets and begin to milk. 

It’s an inexpensive investment, costing close to $500,000, depending on what equipment is purchased. But it’s helping farmers, especially those from smaller farms, stay in business.

Today on Tech Tuesday on All Sides: Robots and farming.


  • Julian Chokkattu, reporter, Wired magazine
  • Jason Nuhfer, dairy farmer, Bar Lee Jerseys
  • Brian Wise, chief of the dairy division at the Ohio Department of Agriculture
  • Russell Holly, contributing editor, Android Central

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