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Columbus will ban fireworks before the state lifts restrictions on July 1

Fireworks packages in store
Mike Mozart
Flickr Creative Commons

As the state prepares for more lenient rules regarding the use of fireworks beginning in July, Columbus is taking steps to keep them out of the city. Columbus City Council is expected to approve a new ban on fireworks during Monday's council meeting.

The ban would apply to any fireworks display not pre-approved by the city’s fire department, and prohibit the sale, storage, manufacturing, or gifting of fireworks inside the city.

The city previously banned fireworks in Columbus, but the state passed a bill last year allowing the purchase and use of them. Now, the council is repealing its prior ban and instituting a new one that prohibits what's allowed in the new state law.

The state law allows someone to use consumer-grade fireworks on their own property or on another’s property with permission, on and around certain holidays, unless a municipality bans or restricts them.

Renee Fox is a reporter for 89.7 NPR News.