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Columbus Committee Meets to Discuss Future Elected Officials Salaries

Columbus City Hall
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The five-person Citizen's Commission on Elected Officials began meeting to review future compensation for the mayor, city council, city attorney, and auditor. The commission will make salary recommendations including an annual cost of living adjustment.

The goal of the commission is to increase citizen engagement and to add another layer of accountability. The process will involve a survey being sent to several comparable cities. A Committee member discussed one city in detail.

"A lot of people ask about Austin. Austin is almost exactly the same size as Columbus. It seems extremely fast-growing and very similar in terms of industry. Several of those same industries that we have here are also in Austin. The economy is very similar. It's a state capital. It is the seat of a very large state university just like what we have here, “ said the Committee Member.

Under the Columbus City Charter, setting elected official salaries will still require a public vote by the City Council. The committee plans to meet again on February 2nd.

Williams was a reporter for WOSU. Natasha is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and has more than 20 years of television news and radio experience.