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Blue Jackets Watching Playoffs From Home

The Blue Jackets are watching the playoffs from home, but fans are still optimistic about next season.

This week we’ll talk to one of the biggest Columbus Clippers fans and why he’s come around on Huntington Park.

We’ll also preview this weekend’s OSU football spring game, and have details on Urban Meyer’s new contract.

Blue Jackets

It’s hard to find just one takeaway from the Columbus Blue Jackets season that ended last week.

The Jackets had big expectations after making their second playoff appearance ever last season, but the team faced injury after injury to key players.

They limped through an 89-point season, but were able to win 17 of their final 19 games.

Clippers Opener

The Columbus Clippers opened the 2015 season last week and host their home opener Saturday against Toledo. And in the stands at Huntington Park will be one of the team’s biggest fans.

To help get into the minor league baseball spirit, Steve and I spoke with former Ohio Public Radio reporter and Clippers super-fan Bill Cohen.

OSU Football

The Ohio State Spring Game is tomorrow, and arriving just in time for the Spring Game are National Championship rings.

We also take a look at Urban Meyer's new contract.

New Uniforms

The Cleveland Browns have new uniforms. It was unthinkable for many to have the Browns roll out new jersey, but they did, and they are very different.


Moving on to baseball, the Reds and Indians are in full swing for 2015. The Reds started red hot, but have come back down to earth a little with losses to the Cubs and Cardinals.

The Indians opened with some wins against the lowly Astros…they’ve come down to earth as well after getting swept by the Tigers.

Cavs in playoffs

The Cleveland Cavaliers return to the playoffs this weekend, the Cavs are a two seed and take on Boston in a best-of-seven series beginning Sunday. It’s a big departure from recent years…four season without Lebron James brought three last-place finishes, but the return of James and the addition of Kevin Love has Cleveland as a favorite in the East. 

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