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Blue Jackets Fall Just Short; Racism In Sports

Blue Jackets fall short in playoffs and racism is at the forefront of the sporting world right now.

The Blue Jackets fell short of another remarkable comeback on Monday and their season is over. WOSU Public Media’s After The Score spoke with Aaron Portzline about the offseason and what’s next for the Blue Jackets. How will the Jackets deal with Free Agency? Will they be buyers or sellers?

The Blue Jackets have dominated local sports headlines recently, but nationally it's been Donald Sterling. The eccentric owner of the Los Angeles Clippers sparked a national debate on race when TMZ Sports unveiled a recording of him speaking to his girlfriend.

Sterling says a lot of terrible things, and the NBA is out with his punishment: Sterling is Banned for life from the NBA and the Clippers. Life. And he's being fined $2.5 million.

Racism is sports is nothing new, but this story has caught the attention of sports fans and non-sports fans alike. And it begs the question … Where else is there racism in sports?

Steve and Thomas talked to Jackie Keeler, a Native American activist and writer, about racism against Native Americans in mascots, logos and nicknames in sports.

And that got us thinking.

Can teams lose money from offending a large portion of a potential fan base? Jeff Yang, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, was way ahead of us. Looking at Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indians’ mascot and logo, Yang found some interesting numbers about using offensive logos in sports.

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