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Group of parents suing Hilliard City Schools, accuses teachers of 'indoctrination,' 'abuse' by discussing LGBTQ topics

National Education Association

A group of parents has filed a lawsuit against Hilliard City Schools accusing teachers of engaging students in conversations about LGBTQ topics.

The suit, which was filed on Tuesday, states "Although, perhaps well-intentioned, this is a recipe for indoctrination and child abuse."

The lawsuit claims teachers spoke to students who were as young as 6-years-old in some cases, about "about sexual behaviors, sexual attitudes, mental and psychological questions of the student and the student’s family, and private religious practices." The suit also claims this was done without parents being aware and providing permission.

The legal document highlights what is referred to as the "Hilliard School District's 'Outing' Policy." The suit claims the district refused to clarify its policy regarding so called "outing," meaning informing parents about mental health conditions teachers are informed about from students.

The suit claims, "Despite varied communications, this Complaint will show that the District apparently believes that, when a child exhibits symptoms of gender dysphoria at school, the District is required to affirmatively act to hide that information from the child’s parents."

The Hilliard Education Association is one of a few national sponsors of the National Education Association LGBTQ+ caucus, according to the suit.

Several teachers reportedly displayed a badge from the Hilliard Education Association, which came from the National Education Association LGBTQ+ Caucus, which contained a QR code that allegedly linked to explicit material. The badges are being displayed by teachers to students as young as 6-years-old, according to the suit. The plaintiffs also claim in some cases, teachers gave badges to students.

According to the lawsuit, the district's superintendent sent an email "describing the material linked from the badge as 'adult' and wrote that it was not intended for display to students."

WOSU contacted the Hilliard City Schools district, and were told by officials that they had not yet seen the lawsuit and could not provide comment.

Click on the following link to read the complete lawsuit:

Jared Clayton Brown joined the WOSU News team in November 2022. He spent seven years working for the Fox and NBC affiliate stations in Louisville and three years with the CBS affiliate station in Columbus.