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Ohio State police investigating after racist graffiti found at Hitchcock Hall

The Ohio State University campus sign
Angie Wang
Associated Press

Ohio State police are investigating after racist graffiti was left at Hitchcock Hall on OSU's campus.

According to a university police report, the incident happened sometime Monday evening.

An officer went to Hitchcock Hall around 10:45 p.m. after receiving a report about the graffiti.

Officials say the vandalism was left on three walls in a stairwell behind the building's main auditorium.

The graffiti included a swastika, language advocating for white supremacy and a slur targeting African-Americans.

University President Dr. Kristina Johnson said that this behavior violates Ohio State’s shared values as an institution committed to diversity, inclusion, equity, and respect.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Pres. Johnson addressed the incident as an example of a disturbing national trend.

"Most unfortunately, we have all seen examples of antisemitism, racism and other hateful behavior in the national news in recent weeks and months – and far too many of us have seen and experienced instances on our campuses and within the Ohio State community. This past weekend, an escalation occurred as vandalism in the form of hateful graffiti, including anti-Black and antisemitic phrases, was found in an academic building on the Columbus campus," she said.

"There is no room for hate in our home," she continued. "The university is where we work and live – and we will not tolerate violations of the values, principles and behaviors that constitute the Shared Values we agree to uphold when we become part of Ohio State."

Pres. Johnson urged all university staff and students to report hate activity, discrimination and harassment occurring on Ohio State’s campuses directly to the university’s Office of Institutional Equity.

There are no cameras in the area where the vandalism was left.

Authorities have not issued any information as to who is responsible.

Anyone with information about who is responsible is asked to call the university police at (614) 292-2121.

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