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Columbus Restaurant Week returns after a year off

A selection of burgers at Bru Burger Bar.
Bru Burger Bar
A selection of burgers at Bru Burger Bar.

From appetizers to entrees to rich sweet desserts there is bound to be something to tempt every tummy as a few dozens eateries roll out the red carpet to bring in new foodies and their faithful who may have taken a break due to the pandemic.

Kyle Mulder, the general manager Bru Burger Bar at Polaris, said his crews are excited to welcome new and old customers after major changes due to COVID.

"Were ecstatic! You know, we obviously took the same hits that everybody else did, whenever COVID happen, we shut down and went to carry out only but whenever we open back up, people came out back out in droves. Our sales have been awesome, you know to have a restaurant week like this, I think it's great for the guests to kind of reconnect and give them an opportunity to kind of come back out, " Mulder said.

He said the Westerville business like many others have had a tough times getting employees.

"It's been a struggle. You know, staffing was tough there for a while, you know, trying to get people in the door, to actually be able to come and work and take care of people. I think our issue for a while was we had more guests than we had people able to serve people but we've finally gotten back to a really great place, " he said.

He said if you like burgers his restaurant has got you covered and then some for the $20 three-course meal.

"Well, we're doing a three-course for $20 kind of opportunity. For the first course they can do a bowl of our housemate chili. We can do the soft pretzels as an appetizer, we are also doing our gluten free pecan salad, or Sriracha Cesar for the first course. For the second course we have eight different of our classic menu burgers or sandwiches. We've got vegetarian options, gluten free options, kind of think of like eight of our classic choices for the entrée. And for the third course we're offering our White House at Peach Bread Pudding, which is the perfect balance you know, it's the soft spongy cake with a white chocolate the peach it's got a cinnamon, skip ice cream, caramel drizzle and candied pecans on top spot it is one of my favorite my favorite desserts, " said Mulder.

614 Restaurant Week runs from January 24-January 29 with many restaurants offering both dine-in or carry-out options. The three-course meals range from $20 to $40.

Williams was a reporter for WOSU. Natasha is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and has more than 20 years of television news and radio experience.