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Ohio State Increases Minority Enrollment

The Ohio State University
Ohio State said in a press release on Thursday that there are now 17,019 minority students at all of the university's campuses.

Ohio State's Autumn Semester Enrollment Report released Thursday shows record numbers in minority enrollment.

The report states that total minority student enrollment at all of the university's campuses and at all levels increased nearly 5%, to just over 17,000. The university stated in a press release that this is a record high.

Specifically, enrollment increased by 7.6% among Asian students, 4.5% among African Americans, and 3.4% for Hispanics and Latinos. Each of these surpasses previous records.

OSU President Kristina Johnson said she’s pleased with the higher minority student enrollment.

"A talented and diverse community is central to our goal of being a great 21st-century land-grant university," Johnson said in a press release. "I'm delighted to see record high minority student enrollment across all campuses."

The report also found that 65% of first-year students were in the top 10% percent of their high school class and 94% were in the top 25% of their high school class.

Additionally, total enrollment at the Columbus campus increased by 0.5%.