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Richard Cordray Kicks Off Canvassing For Warren Campaign In Columbus

Elizabeth Warren talks with Richard Cordray in 2013.
Susan Walsh
Associated Press
Elizabeth Warren talks with Richard Cordray in 2013.

Former gubernatorial candidate Richard Corday will kick off canvassing for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign in Columbus on Saturday.

Cordray, a Democrat, was the first person to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, whose creation Warren spearheaded after the financial crash and Great Recession. He has endorsed her for president amid the crowded, but shrinking, Democratic field.

The Warren for Ohio campaign said the canvass kickoff follows months of voter outreach and organizing across the state. Ohio is a traditional swing state whose last three elections have fallen heavily toward Republicans.

Cordray, who lost the 2018 Ohio governor race to Mike DeWine, wrote in an op-ed last month that Warren's work setting up the consumer bureau “is a testament both to the strength of Elizabeth Warren’s ideas and to her ability to make them work.” He praised her for “guts, determination and skill."

Warren campaignedfor Cordray several timesduring the 2018 primary and general elections, saying that he stood on the side of students and workers.

Saturday's event comes in the wake of disappointing results for Warren in Iowa and New Hampshire.