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Columbus Student Arrested After Loaded Gun Found In Backpack

High school lockers.

Authorities say a 15-year-old Columbus high school student was arrested Monday for possession of a deadly weapon in a school zone.

Columbus Police say a student at Centennial High School, located on the Northwest side, notified school staff that his cell phone had been stolen from the cafeteria. 

After observing video of the incident, security identified a suspect who was pulled from class for questioning. A loaded gun was discovered in that student's backpack during a search.  

“Students who bring any type of weapon on to school grounds – real or fake – will be held accountable," said Columbus City Schools spokeswoman Jacqueline D. Bryant in an emailed statement.

The district has a "zero tolerance" policy on weapons that can include suspension, expulsion or the involvement of authorities.

"We encourage parents to have a serious conversation with their child about the consequences of possessing any kind of object that can be deemed a weapon or something potentially dangerous to others in our school environment," Bryant said.