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Ohio State Hosts Training To Help People Be Allies To Students In Recovery

Ohio State University's William Oxley Thompson Library.
Ohio State University

Ohio State University is hosting a training to help faculty and students be allies to students in drug or alcohol recovery. 

The training is hosted by The Student Life Collegiate Recovery Community, Ohio State’s program for students seeking recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction.

"When a campus develops a community like this, it causes people to think critically about the fact that there are students on their campus struggling with substance misuse," says program manager Ahmed Hosni. 

He says the training will teach best practices around language and campus resources.

"There’s a lot of words and language that society uses without thinking about the implications of using those words," Hosni says. "Like 'I drink so much coffee, I’m addicted to coffee' and how that really minimizes what it means to have a problematic relationship with something that is life threatening."

The training will take place today, Octobewr 21 at the Recreation and Physical Activity Center from 1 to 3pm.

"Having the desire to be somebody’s ally or the ally of a specific group doesn’t mean that you have the tools and the education to be an ally for that group," Hosni says. "So we thought it was a great opportunity to provide some education to all of those who were interested in being supportive."