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Advocates Propose Changes To Ohio's Addiction Recovery System

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Community members and advocates will gather in Hilliard on Wednesday to discuss improvements to Ohio’s addiction recovery system. 

Ohio Citizen Advocates for Addiction Recovery will discuss a proposed Recovery Bill of Rights, 10 proposed changes for the recovery system in the state. 

"We just really want to push back on some of this and have some open honest dialogue about ways that we can create a better system for people," says Sarah Thompson with Ohio Citizen Advocates for Addiction Recovery. 

She says that the current system does not have sufficient regulation in place. 

"Unfortunately people in recovery or those seeking recovery from a substance use disorder, a lot of times just due to the nature of addiction, kind of get taken advantage of," she says. 

The recommendations include making treatment more accessible and affordable. She says Ohio’s system is set up to help people in the beginning stages of recovery, but fails to provide long-term solutions. 

The summit, which is hosted by the Ohio Citizen Advocates for Addition Recovery, is open to the public.