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Ohio Democrats Propose Bill To Challenge 'Citizens United' Decision

State Sen. Nicki Antonio (D-Lakewood)
Ohio House
State Sen. Nicki Antonio (D-Lakewood)

Two Democratic state lawmakers say there’s too much untraceable money in political campaigns, so they want Ohio to do more to fight a U.S. Supreme Court decision on corporate spending on elections. 

State Sen. Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood) doesn't think corporations are people and money is free speech, as in the 2010 “Citizens United” decision.

Antonio plans a bill that would force a court challenge to that, much like Republican lawmakers did when they passed the six-week abortion ban known as the “Heartbeat Bill” to take on the 1973 ruling on abortion in “Roe v. Wade.”

“We do oppose bills like the six-week ban based on the fact that it’s unconstitutional,” Antonio says. “There’s going to be a court case and all of that. I would welcome a court case that would really challenge whether corporations are people or not.”

For the second time, Antonio and state Rep. Michael Skindell (D-Lakewood) have introduced resolutions to push Congress to ban so-called corporate personhood with a constitutional amendment.