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Ohio Attorney General Won't Sue Over Net Neutrality Rollback

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Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine has no plans to join any lawsuits challenging the rollback of "net neutrality" internet protections.

Attorneys General in a dozen states, including New York and Kentucky, have indicated they'll join litigation against the Federal Communications Commission's decision to essentially scrap the principle that all web traffic must be treated equally.

Net neutrality advocates warn the move could open the way for broadband providers to give websites or apps “priority” over others, or charge different rates for accessing certain sites.

But a spokesman says no legal action is planned by DeWine, a Republican who is running for Ohio governor next year.

The Democrat seeking to succeed DeWine, former U.S. attorney Steve Dettelbach, says there are significant legal questions about how the FCC handled the issue.

Dettelbach’s Republican opponent, state Auditor Dave Yost, says "a mere political difference of opinion" doesn't merit a lawsuit if the law is followed.