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Columbus City Council, School Board Incumbents Cruise To Victory

Columbus City Hall
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Columbus City Council and the Board of Education for Columbus City Schools will largely stay intact after Tuesday's election.

Democratic council members Mitchell Brown, Shannon Hardin and Priscilla Tyson all won reelection on Tuesday.

Two of their challengers, Jasmine Ayres and Will Petrik, came from the “Yes We Can” coalition, a group of more-liberal Democrats who campaigned on issues including police-community relations and limiting tax abatements for developers.

Speaking to the Columbus Dispatch, Ayres said she's happy elected officials are now talking about policing and tax abatements.

The lone Republican running for city council, Kieran Cartharn, received just 9 percent of the vote.

One member of council will have to be replaced. Council President Zach Klein won his bid to become the next Columbus city attorney. His council term expires at the end of 2019. The other council members will have to name a replacement to fill out the remainder of his term.

It was a similar situation for sitting members on the Columbus school board, with Democratic incumbents Michael Cole, Ramona Reyes and Dominic Paretti easily defeating Erin Upchurch, Abby Vaile and Amy Harkins, who are also members of the “Yes We Can” coalition.