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Police Union Wants More Workers' Comp Coverage For PTSD

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Ohio's largest police union wants the Bureau of Workers Compensation to cover more claims for post-traumatic stress disorder in first responders. 

Right now, the BWC will cover PTSD if a first responder has a physical injury that causes it. But Mike Weinman with the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio says that’s not necessarily how PTSD works.

“You know, it’s an accumulation of traumatic events, and then there’s a trigger," Weinman says. "So seeing my partner getting shot and killed would be a trigger to the twenty years of things I’ve seen over the course of a career.”

As he’s done for the last few years, Weinman is asking lawmakers to change the rules to allow first responders to get workers comp benefits for PTSD even if they don’t have physical injuries.

Weinman says officers are self-medicating and even committing suicide and need help.