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Algae Bloom Adds To Buckeye Lake Woes

Buckeye Lake's Fairfield Beach at sunset
Wikimedia Commons
Buckeye Lake's Fairfield Beach is closed due to the growth of algae and low water levels.

There’s more bad news at Buckeye Lake.  The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says a harmful algal bloom has caused a large growth of bacteria that are producing toxins above safe levels. 

The water level at Buckeye Lake is being kept low to relieve stress on the ailing 180-year-old dam.  But that means less water volume and warmer temperatures that are conducive to the growth of algae.  ODNR’sJason Fallon says toxins can be harmful to certain people affecting the liver, nervous system or skin. 

“Swimming and wading are not recommended for the very young, the very old and those in ill health,” Fallon says.

Fallon says three beaches at Buckeye had already been closed because of the low water level. 

“For safety reasons we’ve actually closed Brooks Beach, Fairfield Beach and Crystal Beach,” Fallon says.

Fallon advises swimmers to check Buckeye Lake information at the Ohio EPA’s website.