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More People Sickened By Suspected Botulism From Church Potluck

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More people sickened with suspected botulism from a church potluck

The Ohio Department of Health says botulism sickened 20 people who ate at a church potluck. One of those people later died.  

The Ohio Department of Health said Friday that 20 people are confirmed to have contracted botulism after a potluck dinner Sunday at Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church in Lancaster. 9 additional cases are suspected health officials said Friday afternoon.   

One of the 20, 55-year-old Kennetha Shaw of Rushville died from the illness Tuesday.

Health officials are testing 21 homemade and store-bought food samples including canned pickles, potato salad, coleslaw and other items to determine the source. 

A botulism antitoxin arrived in Ohio earlier this week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to treat those who are ill.