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Lancaster Pastor Calls For Prayers For Sick Church Members

Crosse Point Free Will Baptist Church
Mandie Trimble
More members of the Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church are being treating for botulism-type symptoms.

 The number of patients being treated for suspected botulism continues to fluctuate. The Ohio Department of Health reports 22 people are being treated for symptoms, that’s up five cases from Wednesday. The illness killed a 54-year-old woman.

  All of those sickened attended a church potluck last weekend. Their pastor remains by their side.

Lancaster Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church pastor Bill Pitts called for prayers for his parishioners.

Pitts, who declined to be recorded, said he’s trying to stay healthy so he can focus on sick church members. He said he’s all over the place visiting them at at different hospitals.

Credit Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church
Lancaster pastor Bill Pitts calls for prayers for ill church members.

Maintaining a positive outlook, Pitts said he hopes for “miracles.” He added he needs to “get through the weekend” before he speaks to media at length.  

Health officials continue to test to determine the source of the outbreak.  They suspect home-canned food shared at the potluck.

Some patients have been treated with an anti-toxin, the only course of treatment for botulism.

Botulism is rare. The nerve toxin in the bacteria can lead to paralysis of the respiratory system and other muscles if left untreated.