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In-Demand Jobs

WOSU and American Graduate are partnering to share pathways to skilled jobs that pay well and often go unfilled.

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer
Electro-mechanical technicians are involved in the design, test, manufacture and installation of electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems and robotic assembly machines.

CNC Die Shop Machinist
Workers with computer skills have the best job prospects among those seeking employment as machinists and tool die makers.

Die Shop Manager
A Die Shop Manager is the first-line supervisor of die shop machinists and other production and operating workers.

Multi-craft Maintenance Technician
A multi-craft technician works on many different tasks during the day.

A phlebotomist is trained to make an incision in a vein with a needle to draw blood from a patient for diagnostic and other medical purposes.

Weld Shop Supervisor
A large percentage of welders work in manufacturing. Welders join metal pieces by applying heat to melt and fuse them to form a permanent bond.