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Classical 101

World Series Recap With Classical 101 Host and Cleveland Native, John Rittmeyer

The 1920 World Series Champions tried their hand at another WS title this year. Cleveland native John Rittmeyer reflects on their effort and the music that accompanied it.

Members of the Cleveland Orchestra lent their prestige and skill to inspire the home-team crowd by performing the National Anthem at the opening of game 7 of the World Series this week--but the Indians still lost.

Although I'm not what you'd call a big sports fan, I grew up in Cleveland and certainly know about the long drought since their last World Series win in 1948--its the stuff of baseball legend.  I hope for them to win every year, but the Chicago Cubs' woes went back even farther, to 1908--that is, until last night.

All I can say is, it was a great game-- as was the entire series. I think I saw baseball at is best with two great teams playing their best.  For the Cleveland Indians, there's next year, and I'll root for them again.

Perhaps it was Bill Murray's enthusiastic revving up the crowd and leading them in "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" in Wrigley Field in game 3 that got the team to bring their winning energy to Cleveland:


In the world of classical music, the Cleveland Orchestra is also on a par with Chicago's excellent orchestra, and here are some of its members in action: