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Classical Musicians on Hollywood Walk of Fame: How Many Can You Name?

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame has over 2,500 stars laid out along 15 blocks of Hollywood Blvd and 3 blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood. Out of those, not even 60 are classical musicians. Some who are NOT there will surprise you.

On my first (and only) visit to Los Angeles, a friend helped us do "the tourist thing" in their words. It was certainly fun. We saw the Hollywood sign from the Griffith Observatory...

Credit Discover Los Angeles

Went to the Gene Autry Museum...


drove down Hollywood Blvd, saw where Rt. 66 ends at State Rt. 1 in Santa Monica...

Credit http://www.historic66.com/
Route 66 ends at SR 1 in Santa Monica

and spent some time checking out stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When you first arrive, you immediately begin searching for favorite stars, especially from the golden age of movies. Cary Grant...Katherine Hepburn...Spencer Tracey...Jean Harlow...Charlie Chaplin...Greta Garbo. It wasn't until recently that I became aware of how few classical musicians are there. In my opinion, if Mary Hart, whose main claim to fame is as the long-running host of Entertainment Tonight, can get a star, how is it that composer John Williams, whose music has graced the silver screen for decades, and Aaron Copland, the most American of American composers, are NOT included?


Gustavo Dudamel is to be added this year. Leroy Anderson and Arthur Fiedler, who are kind of joined at the musical hip, are there, but George and Ira Gershwin are not. Earlier this year, Ennio Morricone was honored with a star.


That said, you might find it interesting who IS on the famous walk, as well as who isn't.

You'll find the list here. Pictures here.