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Oscar Nominees Feature Two of Movies' Best Composers

John Williams' Star Wars score will be tough to beat, but Ennio Morricone will give him a run for his money with his music for H8teful Eight.

Film music can be uninspiring, unimaginative, or simply forgettable. Classical music which is in the public domain turns up often, which saves time and money.

However, two film soundtracks nominated for best original score in this years Oscar chase were written by two of the best...John Williams and Ennio Morricone.

Both men have written music for the silver screen which can stand on it's own merit.

For me, it would have been unthinkable to have revived the Star Wars franchise without using Williams to build the bridge. Enjoy it, however, because things will change in the next release...Alexandre Desplat, a winner last year, has been named the composer for the next in the series, Rogue One

Here's a CBS 60 Minutes feature on John Williams and his latest soundtrack.


Don't send John Williams the Oscar, just yet. Some say having Ennio Morricone return to writing for a western makes him practically a shoe-in for the statue. It should make for a little tension as the envelope is opened.

Here's a taste of the first soundtrack Morricone has written for a western in 40 years. The H8tful Eight.


Hearing this makes me expect to see Clint Eastwood riding over the ridge.

For me, there's nothing more exciting at the movies than a score which takes the film to a whole other level. John Williams is 83...Ennio Morricone is 87. Go hear their music in the proper setting...on the big screen. We may not have too many more opportunities left.