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Best of the Book Nook: Divided Lives: The Untold Stories of Jewish-Christian Women in Nazi Germany b

Cynthia Crane made her only appearance on the program twenty years ago. Her book "Divided Lives: The Untold Stories of Jewish-Christian Women in Nazi Germany" had recently been released and she was on a book tour that took this Cincinnati based writer through Dayton. That particular day was an exciting one for the author; as we did this live interview she seemed a bit nervous about her book signing coming up that evening because a television crew from C-Span's Book TV would be filming her appearance at the bookstore that night for what would later become a nation-wide broadcast.

This book was one of those projects that was completed in the nick of time. The author conducted numerous interviews as she was doing her research and her interview subjects were already quite elderly. If she had not completed her research when she did she never would have been able to do it again. This fascinating oral history provided a wonderful and unusual set of topics for an interview.

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