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Hundreds Rally In Downtown Dayton On Eve Of Impeachment Vote

Roughly 200 people rallied in front of Republican Congressman Mike Turner’s office Tuesday in downtown Dayton in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump.

A coalition of Dayton anti-Trump groups organized the protest to coincide with similar so-called “Nobody Is Above the Law” rallies held in cities across the United States ahead of Wednesday’s expected House vote on impeachment.

Here’s what some protesters at the gathering had to say.

Gwen McClain: I was never very political, and I’m kind of sad that I’ve been forced to be political because we can’t just sit by anymore, because this is ridiculous. You can’t just abuse power like that.

Ann Dillerd: I feel like maybe it won’t make a difference to Turner, but we have to speak up anyhow if we feel like things are wrong for our country.

Zoe Maggard: If you’re the president, you have to follow the law. You have to be the epitome of America.

Sue Syx lives in the apartment building across the street from Turner’s office. She says she’s watched as the number of anti-Trump protesters has grown since July, though she doesn’t think they’ll be happy in the end.

Sue Syx: I applaud their effort, but I don’t think it’s going to work. I don’t think they’ll impeach. I really don’t think they have enough to stand on.

The House is expected to vote on impeachment Wednesday.

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The crowd outside the Dayton office of GOP Rep. Mike Turner.
Jason Reynolds / WYSO
The crowd outside the Dayton office of GOP Rep. Mike Turner.