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Book Nook: The Stories You Tell, by Kristen Lepionka

Kristen Lepionka is an ascendant star in the crime fiction genre. Her third novel "The Stories You Tell" is another installment in her series which features the private detective Roxane Weary. Lepionka sets these stories in her hometown of Columbus and with each successive book the author is building her audience of enthusiastic readers. Roxane Weary is the real deal. She's an old school gumshoe who navigates the rather baffling trends in modern society. She understands how to plumb the on-line world and often employs social media to do some of her sleuthing.

These books may be set in our present day but they also have some of that classic noir feel to them. It seems apparent that the author is well versed in the genre and that in many ways she is paying homage to some of the writers who have inspired her. We are now three books in to this series and I have had Kristen on the show for each book. I'm looking forward to many more interviews with her.

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